Case Study: On the Beach Education Corporation


The mission of On The Beach Education™ Corporation is a rock solid commitment to inspire and educate everyone to learn and take action in order to create passive income thereby enabling them to live a happier, healthier and wealthier life - to empower and inspire the world to live in hope and victory in order to create a global community of collaboration, contribution and co-operation.


When we interviewed him for the role, we immediately liked him and really liked the idea of working with a boutique law firm."


 July Ono - Shareholder Agreement

When July Ono and Steve Cain put together their organization, On The Beach Education Corporation, it was with the intention of providing inspiration and education to those who wanted a better, more passionate, more satisfying life.

July explained that their organization take an out-of-the-box approach to working with their clients. They administer their knowledge in a thoughtful and personal way, recognizing that the people they work with are exactly that -- individual people with their own concerns and considerations.

 When they were looking for a law firm to help them communicate real estate nuances to their clients as well as a lawyer that would best represent them the way they represent their own client base they chose English Bay Law Corporation.

July and Steve began dealing with Jonathan Reilly and English Bay Law Corporation with a seminar they provided discussing the details of fractional ownership.

On the Beach Education Corporation recently engaged Jonathan and English Bay Law Corporation to aid them in pursuing the largest deal in their company history. 


Jonathan was impressive in his role answering legal questions and fielding calls regarding real estate legalities. Though extremely knowledgeable and professional, he was also real, down-to-earth, easy to relate to and extremely approachable.

 On The Beach Education Corporation explained that English Bay Law has become a key component in their business related decision making:

– Worked to advise and build our corporate structure

– Nimble while navigating our real estate and corporate needs

– Are open-minded, learn from every deal, and always bring a fresh, vital outlook to the table

– Are flexible and resourceful enough to give us the confidence to go up against corporate behemoths

– Very conversed in the law and the services have always proved to be cost effective

– Make a point of knowing us personally and intimately as both a business and as human beings

– Always present more value than other, more expensive lawyers that we had used previously

– Understand best practices in doing business and guiding a business, including shareholder agreements

– Are never intimidating


What we appreciate is that English Bay Law allows us to do big business as small business owners.